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We always have an inventory of Tarentaise, Black Angus and Red Angus bulls....
We Provide Bulls, Cows, Semen, EID Sales & Support
Home Grown Beef, Marketing & Consulting
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Bulls, Semen, Females always available.  Call or email for more details
Other HAT RANCH Females available.
Give us a call 712 684 5216 or email

30-40 head Angus/Tarentaise cross Bred heifers in Watertown SD. Bred to calve May/June and bred to HAT RANCH Black Angus bulls

40 Bred heifers start calving Feb. Located in the Omaha Area

13 All black Angus/Tar bred heifers. Bred to HAT RANCH Black Angus bulls in Carroll Iowa

13 Red Angus/Tarentaise cross bred heifers bred to HAT RANCH Black Angus bull. Due to start calving in April. Located at the HAT RANCH. viagra before and after pictures how does viagra pill look like does generic viagra work