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HAT Ranch, Inc.
2261 B Avenue
Coon Rapids, IA 50058
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We always have an inventory of Tarentaise, Black Angus and Red Angus bulls....
We Provide Bulls, Cows, Semen, EID Sales & Support
Home Grown Beef, Marketing & Consulting
Bulls, Semen, Females always available.  Call or email for more details
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Other HAT RANCH Females available.
Give us a call 712 684 5216 or email

30-40 head Angus/Tarentaise cross Bred heifers in Watertown SD. Bred to calve May/June and bred to HAT RANCH Black Angus bulls

40 Bred heifers start calving Feb. Located in the Omaha Area

13 All black Angus/Tar bred heifers. Bred to HAT RANCH Black Angus bulls in Carroll Iowa

13 Red Angus/Tarentaise cross bred heifers bred to HAT RANCH Black Angus bull. Due to start calving in April. Located at the HAT RANCH.